Who is Robby D'Angelo?
Mental Optimization Coach

Simply put; I’m here to help you become UNDENIABLE in life and business!

Mental Optimization is my main focus because everything in life starts in the mind. By focusing on helping others reprogram their mental state and patterns, I can help them optimize every part of their life. We’re all operating on programs and human nature, and once we understand that we can begin to optimize every area of life. The fact is, focusing on the mind is the very first step towards becoming UNDENIABLE.

Throughout my career, I’ve coached professional athletes, musicians, and even corporate 500 companies and entrepreneurs. The common denominator that each and every client had, was a need for better mental health and a desire to stop repeating patterns. Noticing that common denominator was a game-changer for me in my personal life as well as my clients’ lives. The perspective and lessons I presented to each and every client, by focusing on their mental state first, was undeniably the one step that changed everything.

Listen, you’re not alone. We’re all battling against implanted narratives and destructive patterns. I personally battled with obesity and poor mental health for most of my life before I learned to turn my mess into my message. My personal experience with my own mental health is what led me towards discovering my purpose in life. My struggles led me to create my best-selling book The Struggle Is Real and become the coach that I am today. So, when I say that I’m here to help, I say it with experience and so much respect and love for who you were created to be. Your power and purpose is UNDENIABLE, but it’s time that you believe that too.

At my lowest moments, I felt broken and unworthy of transformation. But I refused to become a victim of my own self-destruction, so I took back control and focused on optimizing my mind. After losing over 100 lbs I began to truly see and feel the power behind my mind. Now, I can teach others how to do the same thing. This is biohacking at its finest. This is your call to action, to

regain control and realize your potential. This is your chance to become UNDENIABLE.

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Why clients love us

"The mindset change I have seen in myself has drastically changed not only my life but my relationship with my boys too!"

- Adam K.

"I've realized the patterns that were holding me back. I now how the tools to no longer live within my past limitations.

- Anthony A

"I simply cannot believe the new lens I see the world through. Where I used to always see the negative, now all I see are opportunities for me to step into my greatness and help others."

- Cathy B

Un·de·ni·a·ble as defined: "Incapable of being denied or disputed, not open to refusal or unquestioned as to the quality, merit, etc.; indisputably good."

How would you like to become known by that definition? Well, that's who comes out on the other side of my coaching! Bold claim isn't it? Yup! But I 100% stand behind it. Here's why...

One thing I know is that when you stand true to your authentic power and unleash the palpable energy of your gifts, miracles happen! My clients come to me when they've reached a level of success that they know is beneath their potential. They have this pent-up energy inside of them that is screaming from the depths of their soul, "YOU ARE MEANT FOR MORE!"

  • More success.
  • More money.
  • More love.
  • More giving.
  • More freedom.
  • More options.

We all have this potential but the real question is... Are you willing to do the work that it's going to take to get you there?


"By working with Robby, I have found out that my insecurities have kept me from my own greatness. I now know why I have them and I recognize that I actually have been self-sabotaging myself. Through Robby’s help, I have started my dream business that once scared me but now I make great money changing lives."

"Robby is a refreshing kick out of my mental comfort zone that I needed so much"

"He provided me the just the right encouragement I needed to step boldly into my purpose. Robby is literally a human air freshener, shifting every atmosphere he encounters. He has been a blessing beyond all that I imagined."

"Everything is just better! I smile more. Even my skin is more radiant. I have never said this out loud, but I was trying to fill a bottomless void. I realize now that the only way to fill that void was to increase my self-worth. I am finally in control of the best version of me and that makes me feel really powerful! I am so proud of myself, and I am doing things I never thought possible. This girl is out of the shadows, being confident and doing the damn thing!"


"My mom said she was proud of me. I’ve never heard that before. It makes me feel on top of the world and it’s honestly something I’ve wanted to hear for so long. I’m bawling like a baby. Feels so good and I now know so much more is yet to come out of me."

"Robby has helped me find my worth and that feels like a superpower. I was just in the other room listening to my kids discussing positive/negative thoughts and how tomorrow will be much more positive. Not only has he changed my life but he’s helping me create a better future for my kids."


Creating a mission-oriented culture of growth that delivers undeniable value.

The emphasis is on personal and professional growth and development which is the mission at the core of what we strive to create with each person and business that we work with. The main opportunity we aim to solve is to provide a mechanism for employees to actualize these strategies in their own everyday reality.

How many times have you been at a company that launched a great new strategy, and felt really excited, only to end up back in 'business as usual within days or weeks of the buzz falling away? This happens because most organizations don't take the time to create tangible connections between their business as usual activities and their strategic plans.

THE METHODOLOGY - By focusing on mental performance each participant will excel in three areas:

  • Understanding the "why" behind the importance of using systems and processes
  • How creating a culture of efficiency and learning is the best path to "work smarter not harder"
  • The rewards of empowering people to overcome self-doubts, limiting beliefs, and inflexible mindsets